Lowestoft Art Group 2017 CONSTITUTION

TITLE: The organisation is called the “Lowestoft Art Group”.

The AIMS of the group are to encourage the activities of artists, students and beginners in drawing, painting and sculpture.

ELIGIBILITY: Membership is open to all persons over the age of 16 years associated with Lowestoft and district.

THE ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION due on 1st April covers the period from 1st April to 31st March in any year or remainder of the year in which membership begins. All membership should be paid by 30th April. There are two categories- Annual members and Honorary members-(long standing members who have made a valuable contribution to the group, maximum of four members who are exempt from paying subs) . Honorary members are appointed at the discretion of the Committee.

MEMBERSHIP FEES: The level of subscription is decided upon by a majority vote at an Annual General Meeting/Extraordinary meeting.

VISITORS may attend meetings. At the discretion of the committee there will be a small charge for entry.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: This shall consist of Chair, Vice Chair, Hon. Treasurer, Hon Secretary and six other elected members. The Executive Committee shall have the power to co-opt to the maximum of twelve committee members in all.


FUNCTIONS OF COMMITTEE are to meet when necessary and to arrange on behalf of the group, group sessions and exhibitions. The committee have the power to appoint subcommittees.

ELECTION OF OFFICERS AND COMMITTEE MEMBERS; Term of office is three years and they may stand for re-election at the end of this.

DUTIES OF HON.SECRETARY are to convene, attend and take minutes of all meetings and conduct correspondence for the Group.

DUTIES OF THE CHAIR are to manage meetings, to keep an overview of the sessions and group activities. To meet and great guest speakers.

DUTIES OF HON. TREASURER are to receive all the monies payable to the group and pay outgoings and keep the committee informed of the Group’s financial position; to keep the funds in a bank appointed by the group. He/she should prepare the annual financial statement for submission after audit to the AGM. Cheques drawn on behalf of the Group should be signed by the Treasurer with either the Chairman or Secretary.   On retirement of the Officer’s role he/she should pass over all monies, books , accounts to the Chair or successor.

The group’s FINANCIAL YEAR is from the 1st October to the 30th September.

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING shall be held in the month of November.  Members shall be given a copy of the agenda, financial report and Chairperson’s report (ideally) two weeks before the meeting. The Quorum is one third of the current membership.

A  list of members’ names and details should be kept by the Hon. Secretary or the Hon. Treasurer

ELECTIONS . Committee members should be proposed, seconded and elected by a majority of the members present.

EXTRAORDINARY GENERAL MEETINGS shall be held if requested in writing by ten or more members or convened by the committee. All members shall be given seven days’ notice in writing of the meeting and of the business to be undertaken. The quorum is one third of the membership.

PRESIDENT The AGM may elect a President and a Vice President, who will be ex officio members of the Executive Committee. Ex officio trustees have the same responsibilities as other Trustees.  They shall serve for three years and can stand for re-election.

AMENDMENTS TO THE CONSTITUTION may be made at a General meeting if two thirds of the Group’s membership agree. All members should be given seven days’ notice in writing of any proposed amendment.

ASSETS; In the event of dissolution of the Group all monies and assets are to be given to a non-profit making organisation with similar aims to the Lowestoft Art Group, as agreed at a general meeting.

This CONSTITUTION was amended and agreed by the Lowestoft Art Group AGM 2017.

Chair ………………………………………                                                       date ………………………..

. (*The decision on this duty is to be made at the first committee meeting.)-note added after AGM

Lowestoft Art Group is an unincorporated association which is governed by its constitution.  As such it must abide by Charity Commission rules.

The Charity Commission definition of an ex officio trustee is:   Ex officio trustee means trustee by virtue of their office. Normally this relates to positions such as the vicar of a parish, the mayor of a town, etc. Ex officio trustees have the same responsibilities as other charity trustees.

The above is confirmed by the NCVO – National Council for Voluntary Organisations.

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